Our Services

At LotusMedisoft, we believe the true measure of a company's commitment to its clients is how effectively the company responds to their management needs. That’s why LotusMedisoft clients are supported by the most comprehensive implementation, training and support team in the industry. We strive to ensure our clients always have direct access to the expertise they need to get the best results from their system.
We will develop and implement the software based upon your requirements in the following areas.
Mailing & Collaboration services
Lotus Medisoft has broad experience and unique expertise in large-scale and distributed network infrastructures including Lotus, Microsoft and other products and technologies. Our Services include

    • Customizable secured E-mail & Calendar
    • Instant Messaging
    • Video Conferencing

Clinical Treatment Documentation / Progress Notes : Easy-to-use templates facilitate complete treatment documentation. Pop-up menus provide fast documentation of clinical treatments, clinical assessments, procedures and interventions. Templates are easily customized to support the facility standard of care and requirements.
Enterprise Reporting: Off-the-shelf reporting in the application packages are not a perfect fit for everyone. Some clients will have particular requirements to extract the data. We can buld, develop and implement the reporting of your clinical and financial data using industry standard tools.

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